Chief Judge Materials

Chief Judges should download the following materials for use when assigned as chief judge for a show. This information is useful in helping you meet your responsibilities as chief judge. These files are NOT password protected, so you will not need additional passwords to open the individual files. There is a cover letter with contact information, some FMBC procedural stuff to look at (if you are a chief judge in Florida for an FMBC show), and other information of interests to you.

Contained in this folder are the following sheets::

·      Chief judge responsibilities sheet. [Instructions08.pdf]

·      Chief judge Double Tape Recap sheet. [Double Tape Recap for Caption Heads 08.pdf]

·      Critique instructions.[CritProc2008.pdf]

·      Universal tote sheets (both two and three caption universal tote sheets). [MISC2Caption.pdf, MISC3Caption.pdf]

·      MSBA Rules Sheet. [MSBA Rules & Regulations 2007.pdf]

·      FMBC Rules and Regulations [Three PDF Files that All begin with FMBC]

·      Chief Judge Checklist Sheet [Chief Checklist 2008.pdf]

After the show, the Chief Judge Feedback Sheet is posted for your feedback. Look at for a form to fill out your feedback for the shows you serve as chief judge.

If there is anything else you have found helpful as a chief judge in the past, please bring it to the attention of the web master, who will gladly add useful materials to this site.


Last Updated: 1.11.2009.